Science Fiction

Doug Unplugged

Author and Illustrator: Dan Yaccarino

Copyright: Knopf Books for Young Readers (2013)

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Appropriate for ages: Kindergarten- 4th Grade

Theme: Exploring the world around you


Doug is a robot. His parents are also robots. Each day, Doug is plugged into a machine that floods him with facts about the world around him. Doug does not see the world, he only learns the facts about it from the machine. One day, Doug decides to see the world. Doug unplugs! His exploration of the world around him begins, and soon Doug sees that discovering the world for himself is much greater than staying plugged in.

“The best thing he learned was that if you want to show your parents you love them, you should give them a great big hug.”


The illustrations in this book are shaded in the same group of colors throughout the book. This does not make the images boring, however. Most of the pages include multiple drawings of actions that Doug does in the city. The images convey to the reader just how many great things there are to do in a big city.

My Thoughts on Doug Unplugged

I think this a great picture book to begin your child’s journey into the science fiction literary world! The story teaches a valuable lesson and encourages little readers to discover the great, big world around them!


Author’s Website

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